Nasr Pre Primary is a launch pad for the little ones to discover their INNATE POTENTIAL and FLY HIGH from the very early childhood.
Nasr Pre Primary has always given an environment of positive learning where children receive guidance and encouragement from teachers  around them, it is a place where they can experiment and try out new ideas without the fear of failure, and this has always had an atmosphere that builds the self confidence in a child.
With an aim to make children future-ready, children use a combination of technology and traditional ways to express learning. A strong literacy and numeracy program ensures a smooth transition of children to formal schools. Life skills including self-regulation, teamwork and leadership are integrated in curriculum. Children’s thoughts and expressions are documented through photographs and graphic art. We make sure your child’s Kindergarten phases are fascinating, encouraging and nurture a leader in them. 
Mrs Raees Hasan, has been with the Nasr family since 1965, and had dedicated herself whole heartedly towards the growth of this magnificent institution. Under the leadership and guidance of Mrs Raees Hasan as an Head Mistress the school blossomed to greater heights year after year. At the 50th year, in 2015 Mrs Raees Hasan stepped down and discharged her duties as a Head Mistress of Pre Primary. She heads the  responsibility of being the Advisor of the Nasr Pre-primary section and will always be a source of inspiration and her journey is highly commendable.
The reins were held by Mrs Madhavi Kapadia  as Head Mistress Pre Primary for the year 2015-2016. Nasr Pre Primary then added a branch at Jubilee hills and hence Mrs Kapadia heads the branch from 2016 onwards.
Mrs Razia Hussain Khan ,has taken over as Head Mistress Nasr Pre Primary Somajiguda with effect from June 2016. Mrs Razia has been associated with Nasr School since 12 years and has been the Head Mistress for Nasr Schools Boys Gachibowli. She has a Masters in Journalism and Mass Comm from the University of Madras and also an MBA from IGNOU. She believes that she would like to bring a difference in education through various methods of pedagogy. We at Nasr would like to wish her the best and welcome her. With her guidance and support the school looks forward to achieve much more.